Frequently Asked Questions

"Where does Fair View Energy offer service?"

Fair View Energy offers energy supply services for electric and natural gas in some deregulated markets within North America.

"What is Energy Deregulation?"

Utilities have historically controlled all three components of the electric industry. Many states have deregulated increasing the opportunity for the vast number of commercial and industrial users to reduce their energy supply costs . Deregulation separates the processes of energy generation, transmission and consumer supply...providing consumers the ability to lower their cost of supply.

"Who do I contact if my service is disrupted?"

Your local utility provides all aspects of delivering your electricity or gas and maintaining the infrastructure.

Contact your local utility company. Your local utility will handle all service issues and provide information regarding outages, service alerts, storm alerts and restoration information in case of an emergency or general outage.

"Is there a cost to switching suppliers and/or will my service be interrupted?"

Your electrical service will not change and, certainly, will not be disrupted in any manner. Our supply price provided to consumers is simply a seamless financial transaction providing SAVINGS and BUDGET CERTAINTY.

"How is it determined what Supply Plan is best for me?"

Fair View Energy's consulting experts will analyze your usage history and trends factoring in the current market pricing compared to the actual utility supply charge. We will provide you with the best plan and rates available from a variety of options. Our experience with the current market trends, energy suppliers, efficiency platforms and potential renewable resource incentive plans allows us to present the best product to you for your specific power requirements.

"FIXED rate plan VS VARIABLE rate plan"

A fixed rate plan will lock in an agreed upon fixed rate per kWH for a predetermined contract period. Customers with fixed budgets are protected from fluctuating energy markets and have certain understanding of their future energy costs based on past usage.

Variable rates are base on a number of complicated factors. Your supply rate likely will "vary" from month to month. Certain months your supply rate may be higher than your local utility and certain months be considerably lower.

In most, but not all cases, FIXED rate plans are the recommended path.


FVE's sole target is to provide a substantial aggregate savings over an agreed upon contract period considering your consumption history and energy efficiency goals. Other factors include up front discussions related to applicable taxes and margins associated with your energy supply. All taxes, fees, margins and other associated costs will be disclosed and agreed upon before your contract commences.

We are transparent because we are fair!  We have small margins(disclosed to you) with the goal of garnering, growing and maintaining a long-term relationship with you!

"How do I switch my service to Fair View Energy?"

Switching is a simple process. Fill out our CONTACT form and an agent will contact you and help you start saving today.

"Why is it necessary for me to provide a copy of a utility bill?"

Fair View Energy reviews your current consumption and with your permission contacts the utility for historical usage, regulatory, and tax data to determine the best plan available for your specific geographical area and energy usage needs.  To sum it up, this information allows us to get the best pricing for you!

"Do I need to contact anyone to make them aware of my new agreement?"

This is an automatic notification process. The utility will be notified. So, you can sit back and wait for the savings to begin!

"How long does it take to transition into to the start of my new agreement?

Our service will start within 1 to 2 billing cycles of the submission date depending on your geographical zone and the meter read date.

"Will I be billed separately by Fair View Energy?"

You will not receive a bill from FVE.  You will receive it one of two ways(which we will disclose during the process):

1) Consolidated Billing - This means that you agreed upon supply price through us will appear directly on your utility bill.

2) Dual Billing - This means that you will receive a bill from the utility company for service related charges and a separate bill from the supplier of choice with whom we contract your supply.

"Are renewable energy supply options available from Fair View Energy?"

FVE has a variety of renewable energy programs that include renewable energy credits (RECs) from several renewable outlets.



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